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Boxed Up


delicately they weave
through this body
glowing with God’s breath

light and weightless
i aspire to be!


All ‘falling’ is a ‘floating’ for something light.
There are no hard meetings with the earth –
No deep wounds, or, breaking of bones.
Every encounter is a kiss, or, an embrace.
When the wind blows hard, it’s just a dance.
It’s a moment of rest when the wind lets up.
Whatever is light grows lighter still,
Till someday the sun shines through
And one may see the glow of its tender veins.
One day, soon, it crumbles and returns,
Like a rain drop, merging
With the waters of a still lake.

Visual response by Artisashwini


For some time now I’ve been asking,
“How far do I travel down
This road before turning around
To where my true destiny lies?”
My back hurts and my feet are sore.
I’m all tired and very confused
At not knowing what I’m looking for.

You look at me, all worn out
From my eventful journey, and say,
“There is no turning around!
You’ve been walking all this while,
Simply to accept, this is your life!
You are already where you need to be.
Drop your bags and have some tea”.

Visual response by Artisashwini


the unexpressed is fully expressed
the flickering vision, now, a steady flame
Divine will speaks through my Beloved
startling my dormant mind into
a cough, a sneeze and blame!

fingers point outward at first
then one by one they direct inward
stagnant waters unexpectedly find a thinning wall
and burst open into a flow …

by the grace of my Beloved’s embrace
radiant I grow !


When everything is falling apart
I remember that my heart is beating still
And I return to the marvel that is God.
Word after word, page after page
The story of my life unfolds
That which gives life to words on a page
Is subtle and cannot be touched
Even if the pages are ripped apart.
Very few words live on their own
Most need others to complete their meaning.

Visual response by Artisashwini



It’s been a long wait to take this bus,
And all this while we’ve been talking
Of what we’ll do, once we arrive.

During the journey, in all this long while,
We’ve been talking of all those places
Which we’ll never see, ever again.

Now, even as we get off this bus,
We talk of the journey and all that
It has been, since we came aboard.

It’s no wonder we have forgotten
To collect our bags which are
So full of unopened presents.

Visual response by Artisashwini


Could I break in to your emptiness,
When you are simply gazing,
Lost to the moving stillness
Of just some clouds passing by?

When I asked you to ease my pain,
You smiled, bid me sit with you,
And asked me just one question,
“How come the sky is so blue?”

Under a clear, blue, cloudless sky,
I tasted the treasure of your empty bag,
And forgot something I had brought,
Upon that threshold, of your open door.

Visual response by Artisashwini


Flowering like a sunflower
Raising my face
Towards a