Body movement…

A walk in the woods
A quiet stroll by the river bank
A gentle stretch over pillows
A meditative laying down in the bamboo grove

* * *

Mental boulders…

Eve teasing on my way through the woods
There is no river in my neighborhood
I don’t know a precise yoga pillow stretch
It is so hot outside; insects creep and bite in the humid grove

* * *

Affirmations sprinkling fairy dust…

The green woods are safe and I walk with a friend
I live next to the ocean and take a stroll by it’s virgin shores
My body speaks to me when I lie down on a pillow and listen
The bamboo grove is cool; Insects are an inspiration to my artistic soul

* * *

It’s such a journey! Everyday, we walk on the very same path, for the very first time! –Artiskaarthikeyan