Archives for the month of: June, 2012


My Love happened under trees with no leaves

and skies green with hope.


Masonite boards under one arm,

oil-bar skid-marks on the floor,

I drew then, from Love.


Large hands touched ink-stained fingers

amidst books, spilt coffee and Love.

Farmers wares beaming in the cold sun

I was held by his breath.




I am vast within

I know it but


Sadness and guilt

Unfinished and murky


Cut and worn

Watery Shadows


Pervasive and firm

My shaky core


Cuts the threads

And flies free



Here, upon this mountain,
Deep inside the forest,
I’ve opened a bag
With the sky for its mouth,
To take away with me,
More than just a bellyful of silence.

When you come to a place such as this,

Where your every need is within your reach.

You’ll simply stay and soak it all in,

But for your need to wander about

Searching for that which you haven’t yet seen.

It has become so very important

To know what it is that you do not seek.

How else could you keep from venturing in,

Where paradise ends and hell begins?