In all this time between waking and sleeping, where’s my moment of being with you?
Is it when I write my song, or, when I play upon my two sided drum, or,
Could it be when I’m making us something to eat, from some unknown recipe?
Perhaps it’s while we walk together, round and round the neighbouring park.
Or, it’s while we’re climbing our hill, to feel the expanse that nature brings.
Could it be while we’re watching T.V, some good film, or, just some soap,
Or, spending a moment with our children, now across the globe, upon a screen?
Could it be when we get into bed, all tired from the doings of the day?
Could it be when we sit listening to the very same music, playing upon the stereo?
Could it be when we sit together holding hands, upon the open veranda,
Without a single thought, to break this thread of our togetherness?