I walked by the side of an urban street, full of traffic, exhaust and dust,

with my eyes raised to the clear evening sky, upon which lay the promise of stars,

soon to be seen, the first lights of my night.

It was a curious sight to watch them when they appeared, jostling each other, to shine for me.

I threw up my hands, telling them over all that bustle, that I wasn’t going anywhere,

that there was no need to fight, that both illumined me, equally that night!

My beloved stood, with her shoulders against mine, reminding me that it has always been so.

That we too have been just like that, pushing our siblings out of the way, for finger chips, for a toy.

That it has taken all this while to know that it’s sharing that brings us joy.

I stood with my daughter by the Ocean’s shore, listening to her voice,

watching the shimmer of sunset and the waves washing over her feet.

I held my son on his own bunk bed, even as he cried for his sister’s iPod.

I told them how much I loved them both, the difference it made to see them glow,

despite the jostling, the tantrums, the complaints and all that noise.

They would both be awake long after I’ve slept, and that’s just the way it should be!