I’ve left behind all those who were persuaded to follow me, at the cross roads of choice,
where I chose differently from all the rest. Perhaps it was I alone who sought certainty.

Two boards stood pointing at two different roads. On the one it warned, ‘No Coming Back!’.
At the entrance to this one, which I chose, a huge boulder stood, blocking all view.

On the other, it read, ‘The Path of Regrets’. This stretched as far as the eye could see,
a well paved highway where you could speed.

It’s been a while now since I clambered over that boulder. I took my time on that slow hard road,
breathing in and breathing out.

All I sought was simply the security of the earth under my feet. I wasn’t prepared when it fell away.

It’s been a while and I’m happy, though I’m falling still. Someday, you’ll know by the birds that fly,
with my words in their beaks, that I finally went home, upon that path of ‘No Coming Back’.