swirling inside
anxiety and fears
helplessly searching
to comb through my hair
and massage aromatic oils
into my scalp and skin.
my hair is knotted and ruffled,
desperately, I search for my comb.

asked my teacher for help!
her tender glance
illumines my mind.
I see a golden comb
hidden under a webbed blanket
of dark dishevelled hair,
glowing subtly.

I move towards
the dark heap of knotted hair
and slide my shivering fingers
through the maze of lustre and sheen.
It is difficult to reach the comb
without first unknotting the knots
of this inner entwining.

combing with my eyes and breath,
I chance upon a path
through this bewildering maze.
my fingers intuitively reach
towards the light,
and I close my eyes.

I feel the comb
unknot my dishevelled hair.
I sense a lightness surround
my inner mind and breath.
I listen to the sound
of broken hair
fall to the ground.
my face is cocooned
inside silken fluid tresses
of my long black hair
and I have sight.

I take my pen
and the indigo hued ink
begins to flow out, once again.