It was monsoon. In the twilight, when the first star appeared in the evening sky, I lit a bonfire in my garden and set ablaze, all the cards, photos, negatives, journals, drawings, emails, tapes, CDs, gifts that were rattling behind me like a skeletal woman from my past! It was soon dark and a canopy of stars witnessed my prayers. I continued to offer all the memories that were binding me to my past. Both happy and sad moments danced their way into the gaping mouth of this enigmatic fire. Somehow, in the burning of it all, a huge memory got magically erased from my consciousness, just like that. It was like an emptying of a very full cup.

watched I.

all nostalgia
and agony
turn to ash.

a gentle breeze
the most delicate
and fragile
greyish-black wisps
in the space
around me.

the sky
thundered open ⚑
lashing out rain
swallowing pain
into the red terrain
forever and ever!

watched I.