On the evening before the beginning, of yet another conquest, the Emperor sat with his old Teacher.

Later that evening, the Emperor called an assembly of his Generals and told them to rest their weapons, and to prepare for peace instead. These were brave men who loved nothing more than a battle well fought, not unlike their horses straining at the leash, at the promise of speed.

“How can there be peace until the whole world accepts you as their undisputed Sovereign?” they asked.

“Can you tell me”, the Emperor asked his Chief of Staff, “how much more space do we really need, for wars to stop and for our people to be happy?”

The General remained silent, sensing that it was a question to which His Majesty had already found the answer.

The Emperor replied, simply quoting what his Teacher said, “Whether you be just one man, or, a whole Kingdom, you only need as much space as you can create for yourself, inside!”