Archives for the month of: October, 2012

I am finding my own path.
I can love myself with respect to what happened yesterday.
What threatens you?

My ego.

What are you afraid will happen?

We may walk away from each other.

I’m here to stay.


What is good for you, maybe deadly for me.

I’ve seen that blank canvas, before it got filled with colours. Now, all I do, is to try to wash it off, or, paint some more, over it all. It’s on my wall now, this painting. Only I know the dangers that lurk under those colours.


Love is an ocean of colours and silk

I brew
I burst open a water wave
I slice through the storm
Unbruised alongside a spinning tornado

All is calm in the Center

There is an opportunity to rise above this madness.
There is an opportunity to encounter bliss.
There is an opportunity to tread into the woods.
There is togetherness.
There is thunder.
There is lightening.
There is God.


I need a mirror to tell me I look good, someone else to tell me I’m doing the right thing. I like something because, it’s what everybody likes, and want whatever it is that I’m supposed to need.

All around me are mirrors telling me this and that – some in which I look good, some in which I look terrible and yet others, telling me much, that I could never have guessed.

It’s just a silver sheen, on the flip side of every mirror. No image there to lead me on. If only I could flip my mind, would my eyes wander, seeking reflections, in an endless universe of mirrors?

Here I am, wrapped up in my biography, to give a sense of who I am, to those who’ll know me now. But what if I’m tired of the cut and the colours? What if I find it difficult to breathe, because it’s grown too tight, around my chest and around my waist? What if I prefer to walk naked now, for a while? Would you be ashamed of me?