The listening that happens between us is love, when we simply sit together and while I’m aware of my own breath, I’m listening with silent delight, to the even and soft sound of your breath beside me. By whatever name I call you, you’ll know by the softness in my voice and by the warmth that fills your being, that you are held in my embrace. There’s no one to announce my coming to you, only because they wouldn’t know what to say. If they struggle for a while, they’ll learn that the simplest way is to say, “He’s coming to you”. You’ll know by the lack of any further description that it could only be me. Because, unlike other men, I’ve no ornaments to my name. I take less space than a passing breeze that cools your anxious brow. When you look into my eyes, you’ll look into a clear stream, lit to the depths by a golden light, where every glistening pebble and living thought, will draw you in, wash over you and quench your thirst. All this while, you’ve stayed away, only because you’ve feared losing yourself to a love that cannot be contained. But the gentle strings that connect us, grow shorter, as imperceptibly as the passage of time. The moment comes when love takes us by surprise and we swim together like fish, in a vast ocean of well being.