I stood under an umbrella, in the rain. The joy of the earth spread, and reached my naked toes. I felt the freshness fill my being, and with it, the temptation to drop my umbrella, and to let the rain wash over me. Now, I held two things – my umbrella and the temptation to let it go. For a long time, I stood there, holding both, continuing to delight in the freshness, my body’s desire for contact with the rain, unfulfilled. I let my umbrella drop, only when the rain stopped, glad now, that I could stay there and smell the fragrance of the earth, without the need for a change of clothes.

There’s an advantage to getting wet. It brings a fulfilment that ends the experience. There’s an advantage to staying dry. You savour the experience longer, the freshness of the spray, and you stay, for as long as you wish, to inhale the fragrance of the earth.