The bee moves from flower to flower. Its business is honey. In just going about its business, it’s a part of the hive.

Imagine a grumpy bee, going about its job, but feeling a great resentment towards all other members of its hive, spewing curses all the time, wanting no brushing together of wing tips, even by chance. It loves to change shape, now and then, so none can really claim to know it. It’ll exude charm whenever necessary, to fulfil its own need, either for collaboration, or, for company. But once fulfilled, it’ll not tarry long, to listen to the tales, or, to the woes, of its chance companions. They too, are not unlike the flowers, which have already yielded their honey, and are of no further use. This bee was born, purely for business, it would seem.

And yet, its bee nature struggles to break free, from that self created shell, and in those rare moments, its generosity confounds the very low expectations of its hive. It delights in the very confounding of expectations. And yet, at such a time, it runs a true risk, of creating for itself, an unbearable wave of familial love. With its ears tuned to hear the hypocrisy, in the warmest embrace, all gestures of affection, are suspect! Though small, its memory can hold a universe of wrongs. It’s a born judge, of all other members of its hive.

But all is not lost yet. There’s a rather charming female bee, born of another hive. It’s the only one to hold this businessy bee, from fleeing from the embrace of love. It’s she who helps his true bee nature to spread its wings. Light and lovely, she is the only one who carries nothing of the heaviness of his hive. She alone, will not judge him, in return for all his judgements. She alone will not want of him, more than he can give of himself. She will bear his children, and build him, his own hive, where he can be just the way he wants to be. With her, he can learn to give of himself, because it’s his desire and not because he must. With her, he can learn to forgive, for that’s the nature of love. With her, he can learn to bless, because his heart can no longer hold a single curse. With her, he can learn, to see the true ‘bee nature’ of all other bees.