A pigeon was trapped in the large hall where the Monk was sharing some thoughts on the Buddhist way. It flew about here and there, dangerously close, above the whirling fans, while the Monk calmly spoke, of how our senses are constantly at siege, by the world of objects, the aggressive advertising that makes us want more and more things and how it’s all taking us away, from achieving true happiness and peace of mind. Just then, the bird found an open window and flew out, unharmed. The monk stopped speaking, sat for a moment in silent contemplation, then said, “You and I, are like that bird. This hall, with its whirling fans, is the world, where at any moment, you may lose your wings, or, even your life. It is your vigilance and awareness that leads you to that open window, from where you may fly free and safe, into the clear night sky”.