Last evening,
a tear welled up from my eyes as my heart swelled up with motherly love.
Memories of childhood with our son, screened past my inner eyes.
The winter air of North America caressed my soul and skin. I was enveloped by the silence of a freshly snow laden, winter forest. I smelled the aroma of burning firewood. I heard crisp footsteps and saw little snow boots wading through the snow. Playful voices of giggling children, reached my ears. I saw twinkling eyes beckoning us to slide down bald crunchy frosty mountains, and to walk dreamily, in long ski’s, upon frozen lakes. The moon was full in the sky. Stars speckled across the black tresses of mother universe. Afloat in her shimmering light, I, her speck of breath, marvelled at the beauty around me. I felt warm inside out. I bathed in the lukewarm rays, of God’s light. ✨


Artwork by our son, at 5 yrs of age.