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“Your hands move, like algae in the water… like floating clouds…”, my Teacher says.

“If only I moved without doing the movement, if only I could let it happen, like you say, what then?” I ask.

“Then… you’ll know it’s possible, to simply be at rest, even in the movement that’s your response, no matter the task, which moves you”, he says.



There’s no more waiting, for the bell to ring, for the coin to drop, for that someone to move aside and let me through, or, for that someone to come by and hold me close. I’m held, nourished and closeted, with all that I could ever want, right now, in this moment, sitting simply by the way side, watching the world go by.



Would I not fall asleep at the wheel, on a lifeless road, my consciousness lulled into slumber, by the lack of challenge, with a perfectly tuned engine, that’ll not falter until the fuel runs out?

All the pot holes, the animal life crossing my path, the people who live their life, unprotected, by the highway, other vehicles – all of these, bring me ever, to the present moment.


I’m on my way to the Temple, to worship at the shrine. I’m always in the same place, though I travel. Right now is the only time I have, upon this road, so full of gifts and surprises.

Sitting at the shrine of my inner deity, I watch the world spin under my wheels. There’s no destination. I may stop whenever I please, to admire the light, to feel this breath, this heart beat, which keeps time upon a transient world.

No matter how far I’ve travelled, and for however long, where have I gone, if not here, in no time at all!

Seeking and finding fused as one, when have I ever been parted from him, to ask to be reunited?

I’ve never left the temple towards which I travel. Where then do I arrive?


“Raghu wild and ungroomed. Aware and contemplative. My words about him do not reflect his truth in any way. This is the boy who would ask “is this, this grape?” Referring to each grape from a bowl, asking if the next grape, going into his mouth, was the same as the one before. Calvin’s take on the universe, Raghu’s new book love, matches and inspires him to ask his Tatha, “do you believe in God? Or what is your version of God?” There is no man in the sky. Just a large energy pulsating thru all of us. Or is it all a dream dreaming a dream? Enjoying the movie “The Englishman who went up a hill and came down a mountain” and then recommending it to his grandparents, who loved it. And thanked him. Playing “guess the movie” with Zoya…. He stood on a chair and spread his arms out…. She screamed “Rio”. Wow. Life with him is something else.”

There’s a reason why the mind is a monkey. It needs the agility to avoid getting hit by random thoughts and to stay its course.


I love long hair. But the only reason I keep it short is because I’m afraid, that someday, I’m going to lose it all!


God is better equipped to find us, than we are, to find him. Still, it must surely help, to want to be found!


Could there be new ways of seeing the old?

Do we see, even the new, in old, habit ridden ways?

Do we change frames, without changing the glasses through which we see?