Bosoms, beckon at lingering eyes
Hips, entice trembling limbs
Eyes, dart flower arrows into a racing heart

She spins and unspins
She spins and unspins


These days, there is a beautifully mysterious, translucence of an other-worldly sort, hovering around our being. There is consistent opportunity in our lives to transcend the mundane. We are unique flowers weaving our own tales. We are fragrance personified. We are woven lines, in varying forms and hues.

Today, we are laced in red and white, bejewelled in sparkling silver and gold! The thundering sounds from the dancer’s anklets, fills us with an adrenaline like no other! Every night fall, we listen to colourful tales about Kings, Queens, birds, flowers, bees and beasts. Magically, the heightening theatrical energy of vulnerability, sensuality and regality is whispering itself into our dreams, visions and manifestations!


(Sketches and poem, inspired by the Odissi dance recitals by Sujata Mohapatra & Nrityagram dancers, and the Kathakali performance by Shri Sadanam Balakrishnan and troupe, at The Music Academy, Chennai.)