“Raghu wild and ungroomed. Aware and contemplative. My words about him do not reflect his truth in any way. This is the boy who would ask “is this, this grape?” Referring to each grape from a bowl, asking if the next grape, going into his mouth, was the same as the one before. Calvin’s take on the universe, Raghu’s new book love, matches and inspires him to ask his Tatha, “do you believe in God? Or what is your version of God?” There is no man in the sky. Just a large energy pulsating thru all of us. Or is it all a dream dreaming a dream? Enjoying the movie “The Englishman who went up a hill and came down a mountain” and then recommending it to his grandparents, who loved it. And thanked him. Playing “guess the movie” with Zoya…. He stood on a chair and spread his arms out…. She screamed “Rio”. Wow. Life with him is something else.”