Would I not fall asleep at the wheel, on a lifeless road, my consciousness lulled into slumber, by the lack of challenge, with a perfectly tuned engine, that’ll not falter until the fuel runs out?

All the pot holes, the animal life crossing my path, the people who live their life, unprotected, by the highway, other vehicles – all of these, bring me ever, to the present moment.


I’m on my way to the Temple, to worship at the shrine. I’m always in the same place, though I travel. Right now is the only time I have, upon this road, so full of gifts and surprises.

Sitting at the shrine of my inner deity, I watch the world spin under my wheels. There’s no destination. I may stop whenever I please, to admire the light, to feel this breath, this heart beat, which keeps time upon a transient world.

No matter how far I’ve travelled, and for however long, where have I gone, if not here, in no time at all!

Seeking and finding fused as one, when have I ever been parted from him, to ask to be reunited?

I’ve never left the temple towards which I travel. Where then do I arrive?