Could you discover something altogether yours, even if another points to how it may be found?

Could you know a vision, piercing right through the wall of the tiny room, wherein you sit, at the imperious bidding, of your young, unlikely, Master, reaching far beyond the horizon, ever expanding, to encompass infinity?

Could you stretch forth your hands and feel their presence brushing past clouds, past the singeing fire of the sun, intensely aware, of the bewildered stare of celestial elements, reaching deep into the cold emptiness of space, forever enclosing, the tips of your fingers?

Could you strike the floor with your feet and feel the Earth, challenged in its spin and natural orbit, causing the Ocean floor to rise, and feeling along your spine, the shiver of an imminent deluge, upon our highest peaks?

Could your eyes swing with your heart, darting glances, that no living being could resist, gluing together a broken, fragmented world, into a wholeness, altogether unknown, since our history began?