How do you hold a pain, a grief that everyone knows about, that they cannot fail to remind you of, at a time when you must transcend, if you are to dance at all! Dance you must, it’s the only thing that keeps you, from the edge of the abyss. But then, after you’re done, they’ll come for you, backstage, when you can no longer hold back your tears, and offer you words of comfort, a hand, a sympathetic look. But it’ll not do. No. You must go home to that sacred space where you are with those, who are as deeply touched as you are, and whose transcendence you could make yours, without guilt. If only we could remember our dear departed, by forgetting their conspicuous absence!
How is it that I sense another presence, in this Auditorium, on the lone empty seat, by chance, beside my own, watching keenly, listening, to the sound of your anklets!