This morning i watched a TED podcast of Young-ha Kim speaking of “be an artist right now” in Korean and it blew me away. Tepid coffee did not bother me any more. His example of an art class from his school days strikes close to home. He kept darkening a sheet of paper, covering it with black and nothing else. His teacher pulled him up for it. Kim explained that it was a picture of crows in the dark. Of course the teacher took him to task. Years later Kim saw paintings by Rothko and others hanging in museums that were similar to his early piece! Some were even titled “untitled”!

Art, storytelling and drama is happening right now in Zoya’ play. She enjoys a “learn languages” iPad app that allows her to imitate different accents. She is mighty good at it. Her Chinese sounds like Chinese even without using a single word of Chinese! She often creates elaborate scenes by herself and is heard speaking in American English, Italian and Chinese in the span of a few minutes. She role-plays endlessly and will tell us fantastical things or things that she says is a fact. A fact in her world space may not be a fact in mine or Raghu’s. I like to respect our different experiences of the world and our varied interpretations.

Kim illustrates beautifully via Franz Kafka’s implausible first line in his book ‘the Metamorphosis’ (note to myself: must learn the correct usage of single and double quotation marks and not use them interchangeably) “As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams, he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect-like creature” how one implausible statement was supported by another and another to create a fabulous piece of fiction. I must mention that i smile as i write this.

When Raghu first saw Mrs. Weasley’s famous clock in the Harry Potter movies, he wistfully wished he could own such a clock. I remember thinking it was impossible but said “maybe someday”. But lo and behold cell phones and other mobile devices were beginning to give us live GPS/friend location services. As a non-tech person i still see the magic in simple services like email and downloading a movie or a book.

What is real today is no reflection of what may be real tomorrow. What may sound like an untruth or figment of imagination may lead to novels or playwriting. What sounds like gibberish today may lead to stand-up comedy. What may look like scribbles may lead to museum worthy art. Doing with joy everything we do is what its all about. Real work begins at birth. I want to celebrate our joy filled actions and call it ‘real work’ anytime its considered less than ‘real work.’