Trying to find my way out of a maze, with mirrors for walls, I panic. It’s not that others haven’t been here before. It’s not that anyone has ever been forever lost, inside that maze. It’s just that I cannot bear the constant deception of not finding my way out.
I have only my own innumerable reflections, at different angles, for company, and I can no longer bear to see, just myself. I see a young girl walking through that maze, blindfolded, hands out in front of her, and wonder how that could help. Is she thinking to escape delusion by shutting down perception? Someone with open eyes, takes her hand, and guides her. Perception by proxy. It doesn’t get better. My panic remains, held in, like gas, in an unopened coke can. I try not to shake. I see the exit in reflection… in many reflections, and know it’s just around me, somewhere. I’m out of there, before I know it. I haven’t fallen apart. Now, I cannot stop seeing my own reflection, in other people’s eyes.