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This afternoon, I was behind the wheel, driving down our state highway. I’m not particularly fond of driving. About an hour into our car journey, my senses dulled with the passing traffic of cars, when I was jarred awake, because of a wandering, leisurely cow! Soon, something charming, caught my eyes. In the distance, I could see spots of bright colours floating about. On approaching it, I saw that it was a wooden crate of beautiful roses, bobbing cheerfully in the light breeze. The crate was securely tied to a moving bicycle. The peculiar sight, reminded me of a garden snail, I observed recently, which took a minute and forty seconds, to cover only, two inches of land!

Slowing down behind the lone bicyclist, refreshed my spirit. The roses were beautiful, and filled me up with the preciousness of the present moment!







Pruning with passion
Cutting off dead wood


Shaping superfluous living
A flower blossoms from within








Bathed in the aroma of your fragrance

Sweet perfume, within, and all around

Swirling in serenity

Upon a rich island of pure bliss

I bow to Thee

I bow to Thee


When it’s hushed and dreams abound,
A single light draws you in,
upon the forest floor,
where the Serpent Goddess dwells.

In that slithering silence,
amidst the fallen leaves,
she’s the one you wrap around,
to pray and to love, all night long.

Simply smitten, you’ve nowhere to go.
Your unblinking gaze gives away,
The rapture upon her luminous face,
Flowing along your sinuous folds.

You know she’ll keep you safe.

Moistened by the magical monsoons, a blanket of humid air is sprouting new life. Wandering through the zigzagging paths, I marvel at the play of changing light. I gasp, at the sight of two lone mushrooms. They stand tranquil and tall. Prancing their beautiful circular umbrellas, they seem to ask:

Are you, an introvert?
Ecstatic under a resplendent spot-light!


Are you, an introvert?
Reticent, and thrilled, to be out of sight!