There has been something deeply centering to observe this ash-laden spider, for over a month now. My morning strolls through our garden, have been anchored in observing her meditative posture. I had chanced upon her, while I photographed the marvellous barks inside our garden. There was a fullness, to this lone spider. Something pulled me towards her, the very next morning, and every morning since! There appeared a small grey patch beneath her. I suspected her to be munching on the bark. But the series of photographs, taken over a few days, revealed something else. She had been pregnant. Now, with the eggs delivered, her swollen belly flattened into a six-pack abdomen. The growing grey patch underneath her, was not the half eaten bark, but her silken egg case!

This morning, I was surprised to see her nest abandoned. No sign of her, or, of her army of spiderlings! But then, there she was, elegantly sunning herself, about six inches away from her nest. I recently saw a documentary, in which, many people on earth are living on nothing, but sunlight! Could it be that my little friend too, is receiving all the nourishment she needs, from sunlight alone? She has become, for me, a sacred symbol of inner stillness, and a calm surrender, to the here and now.