A rough edged, black iron wok sat hot on the fire. I poured in a little sesame oil and flicked in the sliced carrots and onion strips. Stirring them I thought of how the tall, bare, trees were holding up the dirty-white sky outside my house.  Long flat slices of dark-green zucchini lay sizzling in a pan on the back burner. I knew I had some green moong sprouts left in a plastic bag somewhere in the fridge. Found them and some stalks of spring onions too. I added a jug of cold water, the sprouts and a giant splash of Bragg’s Liquid Aminos into the wok. As the soupy water came up to a boil I added some sesame-garlic-sweet sauce and stirred it. Then one day old, cooked, par-boiled rice and some rice noodles went into that boiling mass. I took out 2 bowls. I spooned some rough chopped, grilled zucchini, and sliced spring onions in each bowl. Then I ladled the steaming soup from the black wok into each bowl. A small spring of fresh cut coriander squished and hand-torn tossed on top of each bowl added to the fragrant steamy goodness. He and I ate, slurping, smelling, sighing and feeling replete.