Archives for the month of: April, 2014


Tiny visitors in my garden
Indigo purple and blue
Their tiny insides
Are as vast as the night sky
Creamy stars inside
Beckon me
To pay obeisance


I have been entering my ‘understanding of art’ cave more often these past few weeks. I have looked at and absorbed Romare Bearden and Faith Ringgold imagery and felt moved and swayed and thrown up in the air and sometimes smashed to smithereens. There are so many languages out there, the language of the eyes, the throaty sounds that Zoya makes, the grunts and purring sounds that my dog makes, the language of gestures and then there is the language of paint, glue, paper, flat spaces that make you enter novel like realms. This piece came from layering paint and charcoal and experimenting with my art language.