5th September, 2014

Well, this drawing is raw, the flaws camouflaged behind the shading! Every art needs practice and sadhana. Talent is endowed, and yet what remains in our hands is to see them blossom and bloom, like the constant tilling of the soil.

The look: it’s like looking frontally into your mirror, boldly, confidently. It is not a side glance, timid, hesitant, or a sheepish look into a passing reflective surface. It is the same look of a village woman, who if drawn to observe you, stops boldly in her tracks, and stares directly into your eyes.

Before Shyamala Akka pointed these corrections to me, I often felt like I was extremely graceful in my tilts, looks, and jumps for this particular movement. But it was the play of the ego. Many a times, I’ve observed that if one thinks one is a master at something, quite often the beauty and grace of that movement escapes oneself, and one’s flighty joy bellows out a discordant note! It is of such importance to walk upon this path, with care, attentiveness, and an inward vigilance. It reminds me of the village women of rural India, who carry brass water vessels on their heads, water full to its brim. They walk with such exquisite poise, balance and grace, their upright posture is in perfect alignment with their fluid breathing, and not a drop of water spills out of their brimming vessels!