The girl wondered if she had helped her friend. They had spent a whole day together. Talking, singing, laughing and crying. They did not dwell on leaving each other or the length of time that had passed since they had last met. It was of no importance. The moments together mattered. Their brains were busy with new synapses that they knew they would carry till they next meet. The night grew darker and the city lights brightened. It felt like no amount of time together would be enough. And yet they both knew that it was enough. They could part now with their new synapses secure in their brains. Their souls had fed well.  It was time. They each wondered if they had said anything they might need to clarify. If they had said anything that should have been embellished just a little more. They wondered if perhaps they had allowed words to sit between them that could not be absorbed by the others soul.  No, all was well.  They hugged and smelt each other’s hair once more. Each carried a little piece of the other deep within. The night and city lights swallowed them up.

Day dawned. Orange gold light hit the wall outside my room. I walked out and let it hit my face.  The light was dilute, filtered thru dust and floating particles of the city’s darker activity. I sat with my inner voice. It was subdued but clear. It sang a refrain from yesteryears. “Ummi, ya habbiti, Ummi ya…..” A love song from primary school adoring one’s mother. The song took me to places I had forgotten. Sand dunes, a childhood spent bicycling and a clearer vision of who I wanted to be. And I silently thanked my friend for giving me the space to remember what I had forgotten.