The Crystal sphere in the center of that large space reflected all that was around it. It was penetrated by a focused shaft of light from high above it, passing right through it, illumining the golden base that cradled it. It allowed the light to pass through to the depths, to illumine a smaller crystal ball directly below it. Here, a thin veil of water flowed down, in a constant gurgle, towards the smaller crystal, over layered marble petals, at the centre of a lotus. But above, in the vast chamber, the larger Crystal was bathed in a profound silence. It enveloped all those who sat around it. A silence so deep where even the slightest wisp of a thought sounded loud, immediately returning you to gaze upon that Crystal without edge. It was a still, luminous presence, reflecting both stillness and the slightest movement of all that was around it. Gazing at it, one knew it to be one’s own being. One knew one’s own thoughts, bodies, and all things material, to be no more than passing reflections upon its surface. It alone stayed, a luminous witness to the play of light, living still, when all reflections ceased. A witness, when the thoughts and the bodies had disappeared and none remained to claim ownership over a single reflection of body, or, mind.