Currently sick Neem Tree: resilient survivor of a powerful tropical cyclone, its wounded root momentarily treated with river clay

3rd June 2015, Thanks M. It is wonderful that we have a diagnosis and a possible treatment from Dr M. We should certainly do it. Let me know whatever you need from me, to make this happen. You have a beautiful day too.


2nd June 2015, So K, this is the answer from Dr. M regarding the neem tree in Kavadi and the possible treatment. If you are ok to do it, I can ask her the probiotics to use and the type of textile needed. Have a beautiful day.


1st June 2015, Dear M, could be Gummosis. Gummosis can result from environmental stress, mechanical injury like improper pruning cuts, or disease and insect infestation. Cytospora canker is the fungal cause of gummosis. Cytospora canker is also known as perennial canker.

The measurements to take in account are:

1. Soil treatment like we do in MM for the Banyan tree, to boost the Immune system of the tree.

2. Dressing the tree wounds with special Probiotics formulations. See below photos in rubber tree plantation.
3. Better environment at the root system of the tree. Looks very neglected.

Dr M & M are Forest healers from the AUROVILLE BOTANICAL GARDENS