Watching a pod of Orca whales, upon the deck of a Cruise ship navigating the Gulf of Alaska, I heard the voice of a boy, under all the machine and nature sounds, even as the Captain spoke with his deep and compelling voice, about the habits of these whales, a rare sight for everyone on board. In response to a woman’s question, “Do you get sea sick?”, the boy said, “I’ve had five brain surgeries. Do you know the ‘Make a Wish Foundation’? I’m here because of them”. This boy will have a short life. I listen to him, watching these whales which will soon disappear. I may not see this boy, or, those whales ever again. Do I look at him, or, at those whales? I’m dying too. Am I going to sit down and take a good look at myself, or, am I just going to spend all my time, looking out at this world, which never ceases to elude my grasp, like that pod of Orca whales, and like that boy, who will soon be no more than a memory, even to those who loved him dearly.