What is it, when you chance upon the fragrant soil of a sensitive being? 

There is a lingering, there is healing, there is release. Judgements, first impressions, opinions, moments, timing and portals open up suddenly, and then abruptly disappear into the dark void. I fell into the depths of a story, an happening, a history, a universal moment of thought, desire, despair, hurt, rejoicing, suspicion, doubt, mourning, and the transmutation of it all. Today, I see an elderly woman, braving to express, to revisit, to speak, to share an opening to Shakti. May there be art, may there be theatre, may there be sweet surrender to the opportunities knocking at our doors.

The divine drops a presence, a friend, a woman, a mother, a sister, an artist, at my door. We share a meal in innocence, and then enter a portal of healing, transformation, and fire. The fire burns, waters rise, the ocean swells, and we both crack open into Her light. An island of sisterhood births. Stories make manifest.  Whisperings, tremble upon our skin and pores. In gratitude, I swell and deepen in breath. Held inside an hushed embrace, devoid of words, music, and sound. A simmering revelation of an unending, divine beauty, and an all encompassing, unfathomable love …

{Inspired by dance and theatre production of Dancer Vidhya Subramanian and Gauri Ramnarayan}