Last evening, before we left home, I had dressed up glamorously in all spontaneity, inspired by the spirit of New Year’s Eve. We had no plans. Then suddenly, I remembered about the exhibit on Chandralekha, her art and being, at SPACES. We were alone as we walked through this indoor~outdoor exhibit. Perhaps because it was not as loudly advertised like most shows at SPACES. 

I was moved and compelled to dance to the music of Hamza El Din, in the main theatre beneath Chandra’s towering image. Two compositions chose themselves: Raw Gold & Peace. In the first composition, reverence and respect, poured out for Chandra’s being and her art. In the second, I ripped open like Her Narasimha avatar. All that constricts me from allowing my spontaneity to dance and choreograph, bled out, was transmuted, is transformed, and healed. It was cathartic and playful. In my offering, I had the intimacy of having the presence of Sadanand Menon, Kaarthikeyan, and our French friend, Sylvan, juxtaposed against a light ocean breeze, an elegant, gingery cat, and the blanket of dark night skies and stars, as our cosmic audience! 

We felt blessed for this exclusive, intimate walk and movement, through the sensational, yet, serene exhibit. The entire experience was ironically bold and exuberant like Chandra, yet set quietly beneath a silence of tender, silvery moonlight …