The granite peaks of the mountain are kissed by cloudlets floating like the silver lotus; And all its gullets and springs and rills are flowing and bubbling with water; The mind is enthralled by the sight of the hills alive with the bustling peacocks. 

Touched by the moisture-laden clouds, the humid breeze is cool and fragrant with the blossoms of Kadamba, Sarja, Arjuna, Ketaki, whom it mirthfully shakes;

Who does not feel, in quiet of content,
That something’s amiss-

An ache in the heart,

Or a tinge of sorrow! 

Maids, with their gorgeous hair drooping to the hips, with pendants of fragrant sprays on the ears, the bosom decked with string of pearls, and the lips moist with wine, fill their lovers minds with longing. 

~ ~ ~

This season with its cluster of clouds, I ween,

Is like a dexterous lover,

For it deftly weaves round the heads of maidens

Chaplets of bakula flowers

Interlaced with malati blossoms ;

It designs fresh trinklets for their ears

With wreaths of new blooms

And opening buds of the yuthika creeper

And full blown kadamba flowers.

Thrilled with the fresh earth-scented air,

And the drip and drizzle of falling drops,

Youthful women express their joy of life

With strings of pearls on their dainty breasts,

The soft white linen on their perfect hips,

And the glamour of the undulant waist line.

The wayward wind, wanderer in the sky,

Cooled by the touch of the fresh clean raindrops,

Rustles the leaves of trees

Bowed with the load of flowers,

And makes them dance ;

Fragrant with the charming odour

Of the golden pollen of the ketaki,

It steals the heart of lonely lovers.

The wooded height of Vindhya is the rest-house

Of the likes of us bent with the burden of water ;

So say the rain-clouds and, bending low, 

They gladden the mountain,

Licked by the crimson tongues of fire,

With heavy showers of rain.

May this period of the rain-giving clouds,

Charming with its many attractions,

The dream of delight of romantic maids,

Unselfish friend of trees and vines,

And the breath of life of animate beings,

Grant you your heart’s inmost desires !   

{Above: Excerpts from ‘RITUSAMHARA‘, translated from the original Sanskrit lyrics of 4th century playwright and poet, Kalidasa, by Shri Ranjit Sitaram Pandit.}