Welcome to Where Artists Meet.

Alone in this wilderness, we find our position by a triangulation of three co-ordinates, allowing each one of us to know precisely where we stand, upon this cloud we call the Artist Mind. You, the reader, are the fourth, illumining with your light, the three others you see above these shifting clouds. Isn’t it marvellous, that of the three, you’ll at least see one at any point, shining with a soft healing light, and infer the presence of the two others, somewhere in the immediate neighbourhood!

A long time ago, each of these three co-ordinates, received a name, just for the sake of convenience. One was called Hema. Another, who could almost have been born her sister, was called Ashwini. Finally, the third and the oldest arrived, drawn irresistibly into Ashwini’s orbit, and came to be known as Kaarthikeyan. You, the reader, who are surely familiar with this habit of naming, will perhaps find yourself, using whatever light reaches you from us, across this haze that holds us all. We know we’ve touched you by the note you leave. And once that happens, you too will have become a part of this ever growing constellation of kindred souls, moving with us and holding us with your own light, in this rich wilderness of the Artist Mind.

Hema writes:

I’m a mother and facilitator to my children, aged 9 and 6. For many years I put parts of me on hold as i journeyed deep into ‘unschooling’ and ‘being’ with them. Slowly like honey trickling down a full bottle I feel the need for another vessel. A space I can trust my art and writing to. A space shared with Ashwini and Kaarthikeyan, who honour their inner creative child unstintingly. A space to explore the rich wilderness of the artist’s mind.