Jute veils, frame translucent, sheer screens of pale pinks, and ivory hues with gold speckles. These senses delight in the diagonal sweeps of yellows, mustards, oranges, and reds, as she weaves her music and movement, singing aloud the compositions of the bards of Bengal, herself in a crushed drape of quietening, tertiary hues of deep red, and fecund green. She is a woman with milky white skin, almond eyes pooled with innocence, and a full body that celebrates silken fabric, in all its creases and folds!

She tells a story about herself, about you, and about me. Journeying through shades of an inner awareness, she speaks of a mystic, illusory world, dotted with magic, celestial muses, awakening all to a mirage of the sensational and the intangible. Her story begins with three young and beautiful maidens, extending out, connected to me and to you, through an invisible umbilical chord. The first maiden shimmers inside a light, not as bright as day, nor as dull as evening. “In my sky at twilight, you are like a cloud and your form and colour are the way I love them. You are mine, mine, woman with sweet lips and in your life, my infinite dreams live”, says Pablo Neruda. Draped in violet-deep pinks, she dances in wild abandon, flapping her feathery wings like a humming bird. Enraptured by her own reflection in a pool of water, she glimpses an otherworldly, ethereal spark. It beckons her. It lures her with its shape-shifting forms. It entices her into a game of hide and seek with fragrances, sounds, and sensations that both madden and gladden her. Soon the second maiden appears in a blaze of turquoise metallic sheen. Her eyes sparkling with a multitude of questions. She is dainty and delicate with sinuous limbs. She has the agility of a deer, and the curiosity of a cat. Inquisitive, spritely, yet faintly cautious, she tunes in to audible and inaudible frequencies. She boldly dances and plays with sound waves, that would deafen and destroy the less hardy. This mystical give and take with the ethereal, impregnates her with a love child. She births it in time. Once born, she is unable to share its joy and beauty with another. Soon the effusive exuberance of birthing her creative child, alchemises into a haunting emptiness inside her womb. The third maiden now holds the virgin divine child, only to lose it, in the lure of a beautiful deer. She becomes the huntress and the hunted. Exhausted, and disillusioned, all three maidens return to the warmth of their mothers womb, nestled, cradled, and comforted in her lukewarm, compassionate embrace. Their hearts awaken to sensuousness and play as they caress the blue hue of a divine lover, both effusive and playful. Basking in inspiration and laughter, swooning into the contentment of artistic expressions, the lights dims, the waters settle, the ripples quieten, and everything returns to the silence and serenity of the inner journey, into a divine mothers womb. 

{Above: Response inspired by the artistic work, entitled, ANTAR YATRA: Concept, Choreography and Design by Odissi dancer Smt. Sharmila Biswas; Musician Shri. Srijan Chatterjee; Lead Dancers: Amrita Lahiri~Kuchipudi, Lakshmi Parthasarathy Athreya~Bharatanatyam, and Shashvati Garai Ghosh~Odissi}