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MADIRAKSHI: My Beloved and I, like two snakes, slither away, entwined in passion, towards the golden sands upon an unending beach, inspired by your rendition of Vasanta Ritu ~ the season of Spring …

SHAKUNTALA: Slither away, my dear friend, under this sensuous canopy of fragrance and blossoms in Spring, while I languish in my aloneness …

MADIRAKSHI: You are not alone, Shakuntala. Your riyaz ~ practice, takes you to this sensuous, fullness, without needing the other!

I remain vintage, wrapped up in finery, fanning my beloved with these intoxicating eyes, silks and sparkling gold upon all my curves, spinning melodies in a private chamber of beauty and simmering desire …

SHAKUNTALA: True. Every flower is unique. It’s fragrance or lack of fragrance is devoid of thought, will, desire. Each human being, a divine flower in this garden of love …


Last evening, before we left home, I had dressed up glamorously in all spontaneity, inspired by the spirit of New Year’s Eve. We had no plans. Then suddenly, I remembered about the exhibit on Chandralekha, her art and being, at SPACES. We were alone as we walked through this indoor~outdoor exhibit. Perhaps because it was not as loudly advertised like most shows at SPACES. 

I was moved and compelled to dance to the music of Hamza El Din, in the main theatre beneath Chandra’s towering image. Two compositions chose themselves: Raw Gold & Peace. In the first composition, reverence and respect, poured out for Chandra’s being and her art. In the second, I ripped open like Her Narasimha avatar. All that constricts me from allowing my spontaneity to dance and choreograph, bled out, was transmuted, is transformed, and healed. It was cathartic and playful. In my offering, I had the intimacy of having the presence of Sadanand Menon, Kaarthikeyan, and our French friend, Sylvan, juxtaposed against a light ocean breeze, an elegant, gingery cat, and the blanket of dark night skies and stars, as our cosmic audience! 

We felt blessed for this exclusive, intimate walk and movement, through the sensational, yet, serene exhibit. The entire experience was ironically bold and exuberant like Chandra, yet set quietly beneath a silence of tender, silvery moonlight …

Currently sick Neem Tree: resilient survivor of a powerful tropical cyclone, its wounded root momentarily treated with river clay

3rd June 2015, Thanks M. It is wonderful that we have a diagnosis and a possible treatment from Dr M. We should certainly do it. Let me know whatever you need from me, to make this happen. You have a beautiful day too.


2nd June 2015, So K, this is the answer from Dr. M regarding the neem tree in Kavadi and the possible treatment. If you are ok to do it, I can ask her the probiotics to use and the type of textile needed. Have a beautiful day.


1st June 2015, Dear M, could be Gummosis. Gummosis can result from environmental stress, mechanical injury like improper pruning cuts, or disease and insect infestation. Cytospora canker is the fungal cause of gummosis. Cytospora canker is also known as perennial canker.

The measurements to take in account are:

1. Soil treatment like we do in MM for the Banyan tree, to boost the Immune system of the tree.

2. Dressing the tree wounds with special Probiotics formulations. See below photos in rubber tree plantation.
3. Better environment at the root system of the tree. Looks very neglected.

Dr M & M are Forest healers from the AUROVILLE BOTANICAL GARDENS

Of all the gifts that I’ve been given, which one may I single out as the greatest gift of all, not counting the gift of life, which has been the foundation, for every other?

Could it be the love that shaped me, from a child into a man?

Could it be the love that made me conscious, of being infinitely more, than what meets the eye?

No. It’s not even this. The greatest gift I’ve ever received…

…is my love for you!

Unless you have something I need, would I give you my undivided attention?

If what you have is wisdom that’ll challenge my way of being, would I keep away from you?

Would I fear the loss of my present delights, in tasting those, that you have to offer?

The listening that happens between us is love, when we simply sit together and while I’m aware of my own breath, I’m listening with silent delight, to the even and soft sound of your breath beside me. By whatever name I call you, you’ll know by the softness in my voice and by the warmth that fills your being, that you are held in my embrace. There’s no one to announce my coming to you, only because they wouldn’t know what to say. If they struggle for a while, they’ll learn that the simplest way is to say, “He’s coming to you”. You’ll know by the lack of any further description that it could only be me. Because, unlike other men, I’ve no ornaments to my name. I take less space than a passing breeze that cools your anxious brow. When you look into my eyes, you’ll look into a clear stream, lit to the depths by a golden light, where every glistening pebble and living thought, will draw you in, wash over you and quench your thirst. All this while, you’ve stayed away, only because you’ve feared losing yourself to a love that cannot be contained. But the gentle strings that connect us, grow shorter, as imperceptibly as the passage of time. The moment comes when love takes us by surprise and we swim together like fish, in a vast ocean of well being.