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It has been sitting here all this while. I paid it no attention whatsoever. There was nowhere it could go. It was always there for my asking, until, one day, it went missing from its usual place inside of me. Like a song without soul, like beauty without being, like a dark promise of death, I searched, just to live again. It is only when I let go, that I found it again, washed ashore, upon my beach, while I slept, exhausted.

While I was stepping softly, upon still earth, cushioned in conscious breath, amidst tall trees inside a forest, hushed, save for the rustling of leaves, upon still branches, three questions living on their own, without the need for answers, wafted with the breeze.

What’s this breath?

From where does it begin?

What’s this stillness, upon which it’s felt?

Perhaps there are answers seeking those questions, elusive themselves, since, as yet unspoken.

Am I a Matchmaker, to find, and to marry such answers, to such serious questions?

“I’m flowing, in ever widening conquest, of these constraining shores. No longer the narrow trickle, hemmed in by unyielding rocks, I’ve grown irresistible”.

I know one who’ll let me be. I know one who’ll not push me around, for the choices I make. I know one who’ll listen with compassion to whatever ails me, and allow me to transcend, in my own time. I know one who’ll let me savour my own quiet victories, in the tumultuous landscape of my inner being. I know one who’ll be my companion, especially when I need to be held.
I know one who knows, that I am all that I have ever asked to be.


How do you hold a pain, a grief that everyone knows about, that they cannot fail to remind you of, at a time when you must transcend, if you are to dance at all! Dance you must, it’s the only thing that keeps you, from the edge of the abyss. But then, after you’re done, they’ll come for you, backstage, when you can no longer hold back your tears, and offer you words of comfort, a hand, a sympathetic look. But it’ll not do. No. You must go home to that sacred space where you are with those, who are as deeply touched as you are, and whose transcendence you could make yours, without guilt. If only we could remember our dear departed, by forgetting their conspicuous absence!
How is it that I sense another presence, in this Auditorium, on the lone empty seat, by chance, beside my own, watching keenly, listening, to the sound of your anklets!

Could you discover something altogether yours, even if another points to how it may be found?

Could you know a vision, piercing right through the wall of the tiny room, wherein you sit, at the imperious bidding, of your young, unlikely, Master, reaching far beyond the horizon, ever expanding, to encompass infinity?

Could you stretch forth your hands and feel their presence brushing past clouds, past the singeing fire of the sun, intensely aware, of the bewildered stare of celestial elements, reaching deep into the cold emptiness of space, forever enclosing, the tips of your fingers?

Could you strike the floor with your feet and feel the Earth, challenged in its spin and natural orbit, causing the Ocean floor to rise, and feeling along your spine, the shiver of an imminent deluge, upon our highest peaks?

Could your eyes swing with your heart, darting glances, that no living being could resist, gluing together a broken, fragmented world, into a wholeness, altogether unknown, since our history began?

I see you’re busy, just reaching out, for that one more thing, now within your grasp, after all that time of building, and climbing up, on a rather tall scaffolding.

It’s something you must have, because it’s what you set out to find. Hold it in your hands, you must, because it has been the dream of many a slumber-less night. Only it doesn’t look quite the same, when you have put an end, to all that distance, and it is here now, yours to claim, lying still, upon the palm of your hand.

I’m curious to know what you were thinking, when you let your hard won prize, slip from your hand, as you gazed up now, at that unattainable star, beckoning you, with its impossible distance, to make the journey, that’ll be the end of you?