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Tub in a garden, sunk in mud
Wet black T-shirt with cerulean trunks
A tendril dipping its shaggy head
Bathed in green light from above

Seated in a circle, she encircles her life, endowed with keen, sharp eyes!
Breathing out a sweet inner incense, into this beautiful universe,
her loving words are afloat in a sparkling void.
She sees the unseen veiled mysteries across thresholds in time.
Her lesson is now complete.

She accepts death, and dying.
She accepts death, and dying.

Letting go of this birth, she’s reborn in cyclical time.
Letting go of this birth, she’s reborn in cyclical time.



“He shouts Marco,
The shout Polo.
Turquoise light,
Shining bright.

Colourful heads
And shoes.
Bodies cavorting,
Free and loose.”


Some thoughts never get aired
The channel is lost
A son growing older today
Many moments lost

Watching from behind a curtain
Memories and dreams sprinkled
With mashed up bananas
And 10th birthday sprinkles

I stay the course and sing
As coloured streams of light
Filter through my brain
And mix with his starry light.

O beautiful bird
with vermillion fiery eyes!

Your deep violet plumage
is aglow and resplendent
in the hot noon sun.

Your indigo black hue
blurs my vision.

I see in your dark feathers,
his soft locks of silken hair.

In the single splash
of your vermilion red eyes,
I see his tilakam, his kumkumam,
shooting out like a rising flame!

This longing has set my heart on fire!

O beautiful cuckoo bird,
I long for the warmth
of my Beloved’s breath,
upon my skin.

How do you relish eating
these wild berries,
in such a
mute trust?