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I have won all the awards in the world.

All is done.

All is done.

The turtle sings and the birds swim.

The fish fly and the dragonflies crawl.

Go deep down inside.

To the coolest darkest quietest place.

Where no ripple nor wind touches you.

Where all the awards are won.

Here is there and there is everywhere

I am swimming in a waterless sea

Of perfect vibration

Small remembrances and hurts

Shrinking into the ether

Silenced forever



चंद्रभागा 🌙 Chandrabhaga


She is monsoons, spring, autumn,

and a quiet snowfall …

She is beauty, passion, compassion

with moist, clear, playful,

and sparkling eyes …



7th September 2018


29th August 2018


20th August 2018


20th August 2018


19th August 2018


7th August 2018


7th August 2018

Monsoon hill climbs in Maharashtra, gift unexpected encounters with beautiful mountain people, and inspire me to sketch and paint. This sketch is of ‘Chandrabhaga’. A shepherdess who I chanced upon on my afternoon walks on a hill under the shade of grey monsoon clouds, while vast fields of tender green grass and unexpected pools of water, lured me with their colours and shimmers. She embodies the spirit of a river in full swell ~ untamed, yet calm, curious and vivacious, free spirited and attentive. She moves through the green pastures with poise, grace, and elegance. She gave me permission to film her. I went ballistic with my camera, trying to catch her spirit in a photograph. She softly asked me with curious and clear eyes, “What do you do with these photos?” I responded, “I want to capture this moment in my memory, and sometimes I make paintings too. If I make one, I’ll bring it along to show it to you.” She smiled. We conversed for a long time in the noon hours. She told me about her daily routine. Her long climbs with her herd of goats, without a water bottle/phone/hat, just her long wooden stick, and her thick woollen blanket. She spoke about her goats, their behaviour, her life under the wide open skies, her community, and their campsite at the base of these hills …
Its been more than a week, since she plays on my mind. Today, was a day when my being fills with peace and inspiration. I feel the same delight ignite my entire being. And little by little, my beautiful Chandrabhaga, converses with me. I meet her in these pigments, in the brush strokes, in the light shower of rain that touches my skin, when the winds get more frisky, and words form sentences and express feeling on this page.
{journal entry, 7th August 2018}

SKETCH, 7th August 2018

I don’t know how things will be

Search your pockets and we will see

There may yet be more unfolding to do

It is laundry day you see

That sweet wrapper we stuffed just as the waves rolled up

That tissue our lips wiped clean

That coin we found behind the front wheel

All forgotten in pockets of time

You see it’s laundry day today 

Inside of me. 

If this be a madness

May it continue

Such sweetness I have not known

Soothing myself

With my own voice

A madness that has grown

That I live and learn

And be.