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Lifting two stones from the pebbled path of a zen garden, these eyes chanced upon this incredible sight. 

Feathering across silently, focused, centred, and charged, this group of tiny pilgrims, flow down-stream like a hypnotic, gurgling, mountain river. Imagining them on their way to a sacred temple, as their high priestess, the queen ant, surrenders to her destiny. 

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Filmed by Artiskaarthikeyan  & Edited by Artisashwini 

It’s Pongal, a time of renewal, of harvest and of new beginnings. When will the rice in the pot boil over? There is suspense and anticipation! We are all children around this cooking pot. Perhaps, this is what it means to be renewed – to forget the years one has known, to become young again, to know once more to express a joy without reserve, even to the embarrassment of our children!

Is it really ever about that which seems obvious – in this case, the bike? Or, is it really about the human experience of freedom that this machine could inspire, cruising down a highway? And could one ever catch the drift of this, if they have never been on a bike? No, it is not about the bike, or the road. It is always about our human experience.